BUKKIT: Alerter

Version: v1.5

Download the lastest Plugin (JAR/ZIP)

Alerter is a plugin ,that you can configure to give a warning into server console and ops, when anyone place and/or destroy a block or when anyone use a command in chat. with Alerter you can teleport to other players and protect the area
Give a warning in the console (you must edit the settings file) :

  • Place certain Blocks

  • Destroy certain Blocks

  • Any command a player types in chat ("/...")

  • Teleport to player

  • Protect Areas

Download the lastest Plugin (JAR/ZIP)

Just copy the .JAR file into your plugins directory. At start the plugin create automatically "Alerter.dat" with default settings If you want to custumize the settings you most modify "Alerter.dat"


  • General

/alerter or /alTeleports you to a location history. Accepts an optional id as an argument, otherwise sends you to the last logged location.
/alerter r or /al rreload settings "Alerter.dat"
/al helpShow help
/altp (Player)Teleport to a player
/altp (Player) (Player) Teleport player to player
/al upSearch update
/al fupForce update
/al languageShow language information

  • Protect Area

/al setSet the two points which will encapsulate your Area.
/al createCreate an Area with name after using /al set.
/al cancelCancel the setting/modifing of an Area
/al modify (Area_name)Modify the points of an existing Area.
/al modify confirmConfirm the modification of an Area.
/al delete (Area_name)(Area_name)Delete an existing Area.
/al rename (OLD_Area_name) (NEW_Area_name)Rename an existing Area.
/al protect (Area_name)Protect an Area from blocks being placed/destroyed by un-authorised palyers.
/al unprotect (Area_name)Unprotect an Area.
/al add (Area_name) (Player)allow player to bypass protection for thatArea.
/al remove (Area_name) (Player)remove player to bypass protection for that Area.
/al listshow the list of existing Areas.
/al list (Player)show the list of existing Areas of a player.
/al info (Area_name)show the information of the area.
/al expandup (Area_name) (Number)expand an Area upwards.
/al expanddown (Area_name) (Number)expand an Area downwards.
/al expandmax (Area_name)expand an Area from Bedrock to SkyLimit.
/al showwelcome (Area_name) (true/false)configure a welcome message is show or not when entering an Area.
/al showleave (Area_name) (true/false)configure a leave message is show or not when left an Area.
/al showleave (Area_name) (true/false)configure a leave message is show or not when left an Area.
/al welcomemsg (Area_name) (message)change the message displayed when entering an Area.
/al leavemsg (Area_name) (message)change the message displayed when leaving an Area.
/al pvp (Area_name) (true/false)PVP is enabled or not.
/al mobspawn (Area_name) (true/false)Mobs can spawn in the Area.
/al health (Area_name) (true/false)Activate/deactivate health-regen.
/al setwarpModify/set warp of an area (you must be in an area)
/al warp (Area_name) Teleport to an area (default is the center of area)
/al prevententry (Area_name) (true/false) Set if all players can not enter in an area. if set on true only owner admins and exception can enter, if set on false all player can enter
/al taxentry (Area_name) (number) Set a taxs when player enter in an area
/al height (Area) (number)Set/Change the area's height
/al areashow command of the area plugin (page ½).
/al area2show command of the area plugin plugin (page 2/2).

  • Protect Object

/al inv (Player)Open player's inventory sorry, this function is temporarily deactivated!!

  • Protect Object

/al privateshow help to protect object.

To use this feature, place a signpost on the floor directly beside a object to be locked. Enter [Private] as the first line. Your own name will automatically be entered on line 2 as the chest owner. Optionally type in the full names of two other users allowed to access the chest's inventory on lines 3 and 4. You can protect: -Chest -Iron door -Wooden door -Trapdoor - Fence door -Furnace -Dispenser -Lever

  • Sign

First lineDescription
[PRIVATE]protect an object.
[AREA]Show area information (work only when you are in an area).
[ALERTER]Show information about plugin.
[OWNER]protect and add exception of an area (line2, line3, line4 you can write player).
[AREA_BUY]Sell an area (line2 price).

1st line2nd line3rd line4th lineDescription
[PRIVATE]player_name (if you let empty automatically is your name)2nd player_name (optional)3nd player_name (optional)protect an object.
[PRIVATE]player_name (if you let empty automatically is your name)2nd player_name (optional)[TAXS $20]Taxs to use an object
[AREA]Area_name------Show area information (work only when you are in an area)
[ALERTER]-----------Show information about plugin.
[OWNER]player_name (if you let empty automatically is your name)2nd player_name (optional)3nd player_name (optional)protect and add exception of an area (line2, line3, line4 you can write player).
[AREA_BUY]price----sell an area
[PRIVATE_BUY]price----sell a private object

  • Taxs

use [TAXS $] in a [PRIVATE] sign To set this feature, you must edit Alerter.dat

  • Log file

The plugin generate log file into "plugins/Alerter/log" folder To set this feature, you must edit Alerter.dat

  • Alert message

To use this feature, you must edit Alerter.dat

  • Block place forbidden object

To use this feature, you must edit Alerter.dat set "Block_forbidden=" --> ID bon "Alerter.dat" Example (Block_forbidden=51,60,8,10)

Permissions node:

  • General

PermissionsDescription teleport history show allert (you must restart the plugin). reload settings. help info.
alerter.altp.toTeleport to player.
alerter.altp.playerteleport player to player. to update plugin.
alerter.all.opAllow to use all commands.

  • Protect Area

alerter.area.opallow all command of Area
alerter.area.exceptionsallow player to bypass protection of all Areas.
alerter.area.createallow player to set/create Areas.
alerter.area.protectallow player to protect/unprotect Areas.
alerter.area.expand.allow player to expand Areas.
alerter.area.addallow player to add/remove exceptions Areas.
alerter.area.modifyallow player to modify Areas.
alerter.area.settings allow player to change settings Areas

  • Warning

alerter.protect.objectallow to protect object.
alerter.object.bypassallow to bypass object protection.
alerter.blockforbidden.bypassallow to use forbidden blocks

  • Protect Object

PermissionsDescription show allert (you must restart the plugin).

  • Openinv

Alerter.inventory.allNode inventory
Alerter.inventory.openNode inventory open

  • Tax

PermissionsDescription tax if are enabled

to edit the file you can decide two way:

  1. Use the online "Alerter.dat creation" procedure:

  2. Manualy modify (just open the file with notepad)

File_version=1.34file version (IMPORTANT don't change, it's necessary to upgrade).
Search_upgrade=truesearch upgrade
Auto_update=truesearch upgrade
Log_file=trueActivate/deactivate log file
Log_file_day=10Number of days after which the log files are deleted
Language=enChange language plugin: en (english) it (Italian) fr (FRench) de (German)
Activate_Alerter=trueActivate/deactivate ''Alerter plugin''
Activate_Areas=trueActivate/deactivate Areas
Activate_warning=trueActivate/deactivate warning
Protect_object=trueActivate/deactivate the protection of object (''doors, furnace, chests, dispenser and lever'') by using sing (''[PRIVATE]'')
Activate_block_forbidden=trueActivate/deactivate blockforbidden
Activate_Inventory_control=trueActivate/deactivate inventory control
Activate_permissions=trueActivate/deactivate permissions
Selection_tools=286The ID of selection Tools for area creation (default is Gold_Axe) for values
Area_geometry=polygonalSet the type of area creation (polygonal or rectangle)
Max_polygon_point=100Set the max polygonal points (min 2  max 100)
Area_default_height=20The default high of the area
Area_owner_settings=trueActivate/deactivate the possibility of player exceptions to modify settings of their area
Area_autoprotect=falseActivate/deactivate to protect automatically the area after using /al create
Area_autoexpandmax=falseActivate/deactivate to expand automatically the area from bedrock to sky after using /al create
Area_allplayer_create=falseActivate/deactivate all players can use /al set & /al create
Area_size_max=Limit size of news areas ( 'Area_size_max=0' or 'Area_size_max=' deactivate limit)
Default_show_welcomemsg=trueset the default settings of welcomemsg when creating an area
Default_show_leavemsg=trueset the default settings of leavemsg when creating an area
Default_mob_spawn=trueset the default settings of mob spawn when creating an area
Default_prevent_entry=falseset the default settings of prevent entry when creating an area
List_only_own_area=truelist only own area when using "/al list"
Disable_expandmax_players=falsedisable player's use "al expandmax (area)"
Alerter_Placing=trueActivate/deactivate placing blocks warning
Log_Placing=51,1,2ID placing blocks warning Example(51,1,2 ) for values
Alerter_Breaking=trueActivate/deactivate breaking blocks warning.
Log_Breaking=35,1,2ID breaking blocks warning Example(51,2,1) for values
Alerter_Command=trueActivate/deactivate other player commands warning
Alerter_action_op=falseActivate/deactivate admin player commands warning
Alert_only_console=falseActivate/deactivate all warning only in console and in log file
Alert_only_world=Alert only this world (if is empty allert all worlds) exapme (Alert_only_world=map1,map2,map3)
Alert_to_all=falseActivate/deactivate all warning send to all players
Block_forbidden=8,10ID of forbidden blocks (example 51,60) for values
Plessure_plate_for_areas_activate=falseActivate/deactivate plessure plate in a protect area
All_can_protect_object=trueAll player can use [private] sign
Economy_tax_area_creation=0Tax the area creation $
Economy_tax_area_creation_size=0Tax the area creation & for each blocks size
Players_can_tax_area_entry=truePlayers can set a tax his area when a player entry
Economy_tax_private_creation=0Tax to create private object

to change the language of plugin you must edit "Alerter.dat":

  • en (english)

  • it (Italian)

  • fr (French by Ghost or Tron ®)

  • de (German by Spyboot & xmxfabia)

  • pt (Portuguese by ygorpatrickbr, alissoncraft)

  • sp (Spanish by XMaster1)

  • cs (Czech by Phoenyx)

DO YOU WANT TO TRANSLATE MY PLUGIN IN YOUR LANGUAGE??? Contact me on forum or on skype (Patrick_pk91)

Plugin support:


    • permissions 3

    • superperm

    • bpermissions

    • PermissionEX (PEX)


    • BOSEconomy version 7

    • iConomy (version 4,5,6 )

    • Essential, MultiCurrency


Version 1.41
Relased: 26 October 2011

  • Area poligonal support

  • can change/set area height ("/al height (Area) (number)")

  • Open inventory of other players  ("/al inv (Player)")

  • Trasform blocks into an area to air ("/al air (Area)")

  • fix bug notification

  • Add new language support (Portuguese, Spanish, Czech)

Version 1.35
Relased: 3 October 2011

  • fix bug char '

  • BOSEconomy version 7 , iConomy (version 4,5,6 ), Essential, MultiCurrency support

  • add economy features

  • Multilanguage support (English, Italian, French, German)

Version 1.34
Relased: 23 September 2011

  • Sub-Area support

  • Limit size of news areas

  • prevent entry of unauthorized players in a private area

  • permissions plugins support (permissions, permissionsEX, bpermission) and default permission (superperms)

  • Rename existing area

  • teleport to an area

  • set warp of an area

  • protect fence door

  • Bug Fix can not destroy block near unprotected sign

  • Bug Fix PVP

  • Update Recommended Build: 1185 (MC: 1.8.1)

Version 1.33
Relased: 16 September 2011

  • minecarft support 1.8.1

  • remove permissions 3.0 support (in next version i will support most recent permissions plugin)

Version 1.32
Relased: 07 September 2011

  • bug fix multiworld

  • Add new sign [OWNER] to add exception area

Version 1.31
Relased: 05 September 2011

  • bug fix "Alerter.dat"

  • add gruop permissions area/object

  • implement [AREA]

  • area multi-world support

  • auto update

Version 1.3
Relased: 03 September 2011

  • protect chest, door , furnace, lever, trapdoor with sign

  • get information of area from block selected

  • log alerter into a txt

  • Use the online "Alerter.dat creation" procedure:

  • health regen

  • block place protection

  • now yoo can automatically update Alerter plugin from chat command

  • bug fix lava-bucket and water-bucket

  • update SQLibrary Version 3.0.4 (alpha)

  • update Permissions Latest Stable (3.1.6)

  • update Bukkit Build: 1060 (MC: 1.7.3)

Version 1.24
Relased: 19 July 2011

  • Bug fix: missing entry "Search_upgrade=true" in file Alerter.dat

Version 1.23
Relased: 18 July 2011

  • Update Bukkit Build: 1000 (MC: 1.7.3)

  • Add search update

Version 1.22
Relased: 17 July 2011

  • Bug Fix:"permissions" (IT IS OPTIONAL NOW)

Version 1.21
Released: 16 July 2011

  • Add the possibility to change the selection tools (see Settings ''Alerter.dat'' file)

Version 1.2
Released: 15 July 2011

  • create and protect Areas like regios

  • removed prefixx from "alerter.dat"

Version 1.1

  • Fix Bugs

  • add permissions support

  • add teleport function

  • add help function

Version 1.0

  • Releasing my awesome plugin

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